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Tim Cusack


TIM CUSACK (Tim Jackson-Smith) is co-artistic director of Theatre Askew. Previously he has collaborated with Jason on productions of Richard Foreman's What Did He See? (director) and Zen of Jock Itch, Strindberg's Burnt House, and two previous workshops of Bald Diva (performer). Other credits include Sammy's Follies, Measure for Measure, Stunt Man (solo show), and the American premiere of Mephisto, all with Theatre of Necessity. In 2000, he curated the Ridicu-Fest for Todo con Nada, directing Charles Ludlam's Der Ring Gott Farblonjet at Show World for the festival. Next up: Ariel in Jason's production of The Tempest. He has a BFA from NYU/TSOA.

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